Race To Alaska  2016

First All-Women Team to Complete the R2AK

Four Women Over 50, Raced To Alaska, 750-miles, No Motor, No Support,                   No Kidding….

On June 23rd, on the 44th anniversary of Title IX passage, four gritty women who sail, over the age of 50, set out to dismantle age and gender stereotypes. Their mission was to use the popularity of this race to Alaska 2016, with over 11 million viewers in its inaugural year, to be role models for women and girls and inspire them to step into the adventure and know that anything is possible, regardless of gender or age.  

Team Sistership succeeded and became the first all-women’s team to complete the race and in doing so realized they tapped into a movement much bigger than the R2AK itself  – a movement to recognize and empower women of all ages to dream big and live boldly.  

Captain Michelle Boroski at helm Sistership R2AK
Studying Inside Passage maps
Gay Garabedian 5th Crewmember
Jo Rowing with Sistership
Capt. Michelle Boroski gets a hug in Ketchikan
Sistership in Nichols Pass R2AK
Sistership hits the rocks
Team Sistership from a distance
First All-Women’s Team R2AK 2016
Blistered hands for the R2AK
Janice Mason, Sheri Smith
Capt Michelle Boroski
Johanna Gabbard
Janice Mason
Sheri Smith
Gay Garabedian (Stage 1)
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