Race To Alaska


Team Sistership 2017

These gutsy, adventurous women, all over 50, took on mother nature and the Inside Passage to complete the 750-mile race to Alaska.

For Team Sistership, the R2AK was never so much about the racing part. And what place we took amongst the elite crowd of daring and crazy adventurers. Our journey with female adventurers over 50 was more about holding true to our motto “Aging Proud, Growing Bold”. Also doing our part to dismantle age and gender stereotypes when it comes to the world of the female adventures over 50 and bold challenges. 

In race to Alaska 2017, nearly 60 boats started the race and only 26 finished.  It was a completely different race this year than last. Gale force winds up to 50 knotts, unpredictable seas, long episodes of rowing, leaks, centerboard breaking and loss of a crew member were the cards. We were given as we made our way to Ketchikan.  We tip our hats to Team Pure & Wild, Big Broderna, Bad Kitty and the others that came before us as well as after.  Once again, as in 2016, we held on to our our 15th place finish. That held on to our title as the first all-women’s team to complete the race and exceeded our fundraising goal. In turn it raised over $9000.00 to provide bold and active opportunities of this kind to women and girls through scholarships. 

Jo Gabbard of Sistership R2AK
Team Sistership R2AK 2017
Sistership First All-Women Team R2AK 2017
Stephanie Maheu rowing for Team Sistership
Team Sistership jerry rigs centerboard problem
Stephanie York churns the winch
Sue Austin on Sistership Stage I R2AK
Captain Michelle Boroski
Sistership rowing Inside Passage R2AK
Capt. Michelle Boroski
Johanna Gabbard
Stephanie York
Stephanie Maheu 
Sue Austin (Stage 1)
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