Ride The Oregon Range 2018

Team Sistership Rides The Oregon Range

Six women, over 50, cycling for Team Sistership.

Sistership switched gears this year and took to the road.  Gathering six avid cycling friends, these six women formed Team Sistership and decided to test themselves on the historic trail of the eastern Oregon range.   The combination of August blistering heat and the unprecedented fires raging in nearby Northern California, delivered a demanding 7-day ride.   The route, one of two annual rides organized and planned by Bike Rides Northwest (BRNW) was attended by over 200 riders, with the average age of 59 years.  450 miles of gorgeous scenery along easter Oregon trail roads and traversing a total of 28,000 feet of elevation gain over the week was just another lively and challenging week in the adventurous lives of the women of Team Sistership. 

Team Sistership Rides the Oregon Range
Riders of 2017 Ride the Oregon Range
Rear bicycle wheel
Team Sistership
Evening storm clouds in Seneca, Oregon
BRNW Ride the Oregon Range map
Large wagon train along historic Oregon Trail
Michelle reaching Blue Springs Summit
Sunrise through Wagon Wheel
Michelle Boroski
Lise Cote
Carolyn Davidson
Jo Gabbard
Terri Smith
Carol Wilder
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