2019 Race Across The West Ultra-Cycling 

Team In Our Prime

(L to R) Karin Wheeler and Sylvia Maas 

Team In Our Prime, the 2-person female duo, comprised of Karin Weller, 57 and Suzy Maas, 56 completed the 2019 Race Across The West (RAW). The women left Oceanside, CA at noon on June 11.  They alternately cycled west along the 928-mile route and rolled into Durango, Colorado on June 14. The team averaged 342 miles per day at a pace of 14.3 miles per hour.  Their official time was 65 hours and 5 minutes.   Just to put these numbers into perspective, at that pace, it’s like riding from Los Angeles to San Jose in 24 hours. That’s amazing!  Not only that, but competing in the 50-59 age category, their age didn’t seem to slow them down in the least.  In Our Prime, crossed the finish line 40 minutes ahead of their younger competitors, Team Workhorses, Molly Cripe Brit, and Sandy Taylor.


Jennifer Orr - Wins Race Across The West - Solo Finisher

      Jennifer Orr, 2019 RAW Overall Solo Champion 

Jennifer Orr, 42, riding solo in the under 50 age category against four other female solo riders, turned in a super-star performance. Against the entire field of single riders, both men and women, she earned the prestigious title as the Overall Solo Champion of the race. Not realizing she was in the lead for most of the race,  Jennifer beat the fastest of the male solo racers by nearly 3 ½ hours.  Her time was 68 hours and 30 minutes.  Without a partner to share the work and provide even a short reprieve from the grind, she trailed both two-person females teams by only 3 hours.

Jennifer, a Sports Physical Therapist, entered the race coming off a big win in the 6-12-24 World Time Trials in October 2018.  She has set her sights on racing in the 2020 Race Across America (RAAM). This week’s RAW race was merely a qualifying warm-up for what’s to come for this champion ultra-endurance cyclist.

Race Across America (RAAM) – Starts Saturday, June 15

Team Serpentine Golden Girls_2019 Race Across America

Team Serpentine Golden Girls (Photo Serpentine MySpace)

Speaking of the RAAM, the 3000-mile granddaddy of endurance cycling racing started this week.  The solo racers started on June 11 and are currently traversing the country towards Annapolis, Maryland. The team RAAM riders will start their race Saturday, June 15, from Oceanside, California. Be on the look-out for all the competitors, but Sistership’s eye will be on Team Serpentine Golden Girls.  This team is comprised of four females from the U.K. who are competing in the 70-79 age category. If you think you’re old after age 50, tune into this race and prepare for an attitude readjustment.   These women ride for a cause – to defy the limits of age and to show the world what that looks.  Follow the Golden Girls on the race tracker and be prepared to shave at least 20 years of your perception of “old.”

Click here to see live updates on the riders of the Race Across America.

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